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March 6, 2015



I was born in Strasbourg where I grew up.

After studying musicology and theology, I took courses in drawing, painting and photography at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs at Strasbourg.


In Germany, I attended the classes of the Austrian Photographer, Lois Renner, but I soon felt the need of working alone and finding my own way.

Finding my own way is exploring different styles, different media. I don’t want to frame myself in one particular style. Every style has its limitations.


So over the years my work has evolved from pure photography to making videos and graphics where sound and movement add another dimension to what I want to express.

Photography is always a starting point but an idea can lead to a totally different work of art.

Sometimes I use black and white but the challenge is working with colors. Colors are more difficult and more subtle. It’s a challenge to find the right balance, that particular atmosphere.


People often find baroque and romantic influences in my work, but in fact I find inspiration in different art forms and different periods. That could be paintings, films, literature, philosophy, etc. 
And that can vary.

An artwork is an expression of thoughts, feelings at one particular moment and the art form, being a photograph, a video or a graphic work, is the outcome of that particular thought.


As a photographer I want to keep an open spirit. My view and thoughts are influenced by acknowledging the great masters of the past but also the talent of contemporary artists. So there is always movement in my work.


No doubt there is much more to be said about my work, but I leave my work to speak for itself and hopefully to touch people somehow.


       Gala Dittmar


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